Webinar: key Irish employment law cases – tips and takeaways  

Event date/time: Tue, 27 February 2024 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm GMT

Our latest Irish employment law webinar with Clair Schindler and Hilary O’Connor, Solicitor and Legal Consultant, focused on employment law cases.

In this session, we learnt about employment law case decisions from the last 12 months. Hilary reviewed these in a case review format, discussing the outcomes and how they relate to employment law policy. 

The attendees also had the opportunity to ask Hilary questions.

Meet the speaker

Hilary O’Connor

Consultant Solicitor

Hilary is a qualified and experienced mediator, who, having previously run her own business, now works in private practice. She is a Council Member of the Law Society of Ireland and advises in areas of conflict with particular interest in employment law.

Meet the host

Clair Schindler

Regional Director | Ireland

+353 862150442
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This is the second in our series of Irish employment law webinars. You can watch the first here.