Frazer Jones makes a move to the South West

November 23, 2016

After many years living and working in London with the highs and lows that this brings, my wife and I decided to move the family to Bath in the late summer.  After working for Frazer Jones in London for almost three years it was great to get the support to make this move a reality. Similarly to my colleague Danny Moore who has recently moved to Manchester, we now have a physical presence in the region allowing us to further develop relationships with candidates and clients and deliver local support.

I think there is a misconception about moving outside of London and that the opportunities don’t exist.  To date I have met lots of candidates and clients who have made a similar move in recent years and I have been amazed by the number of companies and very well-known brands operating in the region. These companies face exactly the same People related challenges as many organisations that operate outside of the economic powerhouse that is London, across these regions the demand for talented HR professionals is as high as ever. 

The challenge is different though. I know that this is obvious but London is a very concentrated area with companies based in very close proximity and accessible for most HR professionals by train and public transport. By contrast the South West has a number of cities and towns that aren’t so accessible and over a much bigger area – the challenge is finding talent that is local or able to commute over much greater distances. 

The opportunities do exist. I have met with London clients with regional offerings who know Frazer Jones well, and new clients that are quickly taking good advantage of Frazer Jones’s global network of offices to attract talent to the region. 

A great example of this has been the recent successful appointment of a Head of Reward, APAC, for a global brand in the region. Our client was able to interview candidates at our offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as meeting candidates in their own offices from across the UK. What Frazer Jones can do so effectively is bring our UK and Global network to the region and give clients access to a much wider, globally mobile pool of candidates. 

This also works in reverse. HR professionals based in the region can also access this same network, seeking roles locally and further afield.    

It’s been an exciting last few years for Frazer Jones as we’ve grown across the UK and globally to be the market leading specialist HR recruiter. With 83 recruiters operating across a network of offices globally we have maintained significant growth in all of the markets we operate and have 43 fee earners in London alone. Organic growth has also been underpinned by an opportunistic acquisition of Maximum Management, a specialist HR recruiter with 30 years in the US market based in New York.

Due to an ever increasing demand from our clients for HR talent across the UK our decision to further develop our regional presence across the UK is very exciting. As a global leader in HR recruitment we are able to offer our clients access to talent across the globe wherever they may be based and regardless of seniority.