Webinar: Human-centred leadership in the AI era

Event date/time: Thu, 27 July 2023 11:00 am AEST
Method: Zoom

This event is now over. Click here for the webinar recap and recording.

Frazer Jones is partnering with Sophie Firmager, Managing Director at Realised Potential Group, to discuss leadership capabilities that are crucial in navigating change in the AI age.

In an AI age characterised by intense disruption and rapid, ambiguous change, we need forward-thinking human-centred leaders with strong self-awareness. In this webinar, we will see how things like integrity, empathy, vision, humility, and adaptability are essential to navigate the road through unchartered waters.

Webinar discussion topics include:

  • the opportunities and challenges that AI create and how leaders and organisations are leveraging AI now to empower their teams to focus on higher-value tasks, improve efficiency, and achieve better outcomes
  • leadership capabilities that are crucial in navigating change in the AI age
  • how we can all leverage the power of our brains to lead ourselves and then our teams through the unknown
  • using self-awareness, emotional regulation (EQ) and mindset as our superpower to respond to the unfamiliar and plan ahead.

Meet our Speaker

Sophie Firmager

Founder & Managing Director at Realised Potential Group

HR Executive of 15 years turned Coach, Trainer and People Strategist, partnering with leaders to create human-centric, profitable and benevolent organisations and helping individuals realise their potential. Sophie has worked for the biggest names in retail, including luxury jewellery powerhouse, Tiffany & Co. Taking the learnings from her psychology and MBA studies and practical experience in HR, Sophie now helps leaders create programs, ways of working, cultural norms and leadership practices that unleash the full extent of human and organisational potential. In an age of constant change, uncertainty and disruption, leaders that behave in accordance with their values, purpose and strengths not only feel more energised and perform at their peak but they also engender trust and inspire collaboration and resilience in their teams. Sophie’s most popular coaching programs range from Executive Coaching, Wellbeing Coaching to Career Coaching and her signature leadership development program is called “Human-Centred Leader, High Performing Team” which is tailored to all levels of leaders onsite or as an offsite retreat.

meet our host

Angela Franks

Partner and Head of Frazer Jones Australia

Angela is a partner based in our Sydney office, where she leads the Australian team of HR and HSE recruiters. Angela joined Frazer Jones in 2019, with a wealth of experience recruiting across the HR industry in both Australia and the UK.

+61 2 9236 9054
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