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HR Insights provides you with the latest market updates, salary surveys and industry reports. We aim to use our expertise to help keep you informed on the HR market to enable you to make the right decisions for your business and career progression.  

We produce a series of publications which seek to provide opportunities for ongoing benchmarking, leveraging on our international reach and global networks to gain real-time insight and future trend analysis from those in industry. We also partner with well-known industry publications to produce market-leading content.

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Business is never static - and neither is the discipline of HR. As a transforming profession, serving evolving organisations, HR is developing within a context of globalisation, digitisation, complexity and demographic change. Our annual global report of senior HR professionals aims to shine a light on the current shape and scope of the people and talent arenas, identifying global trends, challenges and opportunities, plus significant regional variations.

This comprehensive report delivers a current snapshot of the profession, highlighting strategy and predictions for 2018, supported by industry case studies and commentary. It will be repeated annually to inform thought leadership and provide opportunities for ongoing benchmarking.

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HR in Financial and Professional services salary survey

Hr in Financial & Professional Services SALARY SURVEY

The Frazer Jones HR Salary Guide  Financial & Professional Services  is the most comprehensive of HR salaries and recruitment trends in the UK.

It is used by thousands of HR professionals to measure HR salary expectations compared to industry peers and is a valuable resource for managers to determine salary levels.

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Payroll & Benefits market and salary report

PAYROLL MARKET insight report

The modern payroll professional is a highly skilled, adaptable and commercially savvy business professional who is able to thrive with the constant and rapid pace of commercial and legislative change. The ongoing changes to taxation rules, as well as the introduction of auto-enrolment in the UK are impacting payroll professionals both now and in the long term.

This challenge means the importance of the payroll function is increasing, and the payroll professional is becoming an integral part of employee reward. In this report, we look at the four principle topics impacting the payroll industry and how they are evolving.

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Read our latest HR insights reports and salary surveys