Engaging HiPo’s: Creative ways to engage your top talent: with Vandna Ramchandani

December 30, 2019

Frazer Jones, Asia -Thought Leadership Event Co-Hosted with Bloomberg

The Frazer Jones team were honoured to facilitate an engaging and insightful panel discussion hosted by Bloomberg LP‘s Vandna Ramchandani around ‘Engaging HiPo’s: Creative ways to Engage your Top Talent”.

The panel consisted of both HR and business leaders; Emily Draycott-Jones and Vandna Ramchandani (Bloomberg), Cornelius Chang (Grab), Sunita Kaur and Tess Mackean (Talent Trust). In attendance were 60 HR leaders from across industry who actively engaged in the lively discussion.

As part of our follow-up, we will be sharing each of the presenters take on the topic. This week we will be sharing thoughts on talent from Vandna Ramchandani.

Vandna, Regional Head of Talent Acquisition, Corporate Philanthropy & Employee Engagement, supports Bloomberg’s 2500+ employees across the Asia-Pacific region.

Bloomberg is the global leader in business and financial data, news and insight.

In her role, she focuses on finding creative ways to attract and engage talent, and helps develop programmes for employees to give back to the communities in which they live.

Key Takeaways from the discussion:

Vandna @ Bloomberg – ‘The opportunity to engage & motivate talent is ours to lose’ 

With new technologies and the speed at which business and education are transforming, this opportunity is unlike any we have never experienced before. We need to leverage this opportunity to invest in our people, to develop them, and to future-proof our business, we need to be flexible along this journey of constant change. This means creating a culture of life long learning, motivating people to be curious and to care.

How do you create an environment that supports this? Employer attractiveness research shows that an important career goal for graduates is “to be dedicated to a cause or feel that they are serving a greater good”. At Bloomberg we continuously strive to provide employees with opportunities to engage the community in meaningful ways. We are committed to the communities in which we live and work.

In fact, the majority of the company’s profits go to Bloomberg Philanthropies and their work to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people around the world.

The importance of personalizing the career journey and appreciating that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be underestimated.

We hope you enjoyed reading this snippet from the event, please follow-us to hear about future events we have planned throughout the year. Stay tuned for the next pulse-article from another of the panel shortly!