Interview with Helene Gordon – Chief People Officer at Thryv Australia

October 30, 2021

Evolving Landscape of Leadership through the Pandemic.

Denise Harmer, Manager at Frazer Jones Melbourne interviews Helene Gordon, Chief People Officer at Thryv Australia about the Evolving landscape of leadership through the pandemic.

Helene Gordon is a commercial executive leader with extensive experience in strategic and operational Human Resources, Change and Transformation, Communications and Corporate Affairs. As Chief People Officer, Helene’s role involves managing all things people including Internal Communications. She has extensive experience in human resources and communications gained in a number of sectors and sized companies such as Coles Group, Vodafone, Stockland, FoodWorks and nab. Helene has also spent some time providing interim executive and strategic human resources consulting to CEOs and boards, and prior to this worked as the Group Executive, People Experience with ME Bank. 

In this interview, Denise Harmer asks Helene the big questions about the role of HR and the leadership team now and into the future. Some of these questions include:-

•  How has the pandemic shaped the HR and the wider people agenda of your business?
•  What do you see is the biggest challenge to overcome within the next 12 months?
•  What skills and abilities and do you think our next generation of HR leaders need to be focusing on now? What do they need to have to lead teams in the future and has this changed because of covid?

“If you look past the current and present lockdown situations, and start to try and normalise, I think a key criteria or key concern is around retention. I think it’s going to be a big thing and I don’t think that it is necessarily the fault of the organisation or the culture of the business.

We invite you to watch the full 20-minute video interview with Helene Gordon, Chief People Officer at Thryv Australia.

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