The effects of menopause on women and how it impacts them in the workplace

June 30, 2022
Did you know that one third of working women aged 40-55 have said they hide menopause symptoms at work?

Marking the end of the month celebrating women and International Women’s Day, the Frazer Jones Australia team concluded with a roundtable breakfast event “Demystifying Menopause in the Workplace”.

The event provided an opportunity for HR professionals to hear from Thea O’Connor – Wellbeing & Productivity Advisor & Founder at NapNow Menopause Training for Workplaces, and Samantha Chestney – Founder & Director, People Mojo. Thea and Samantha provided insights and examples of the challenges dealing with menopause in the workplace and ways to help support the wellbeing of mid-life working women.

Menopause is an interesting but challenging topic, because it will affect every woman in some way or another, yet little is done strategically to address it or support it; within the organisational ecosystem. Culturally and historically, it is a topic not even discussed on a personal level, let alone professionally.

Women have so much to contribute in the workspace, regardless of their hormonal status or age.

The discussion really highlighted the fact that communication and education is key, and that women need to feel empowered to handle this situation as they go through it, rather than feel shame to admit they are going through it. In a time where the world has encountered a pandemic on a global scale, it further reiterates the power of health, wellbeing, community and mutual support, rather than segregation. The approach to recognising and supporting menopause in the workplace should be no different to any other time in someone’s life where they want to continue working but may need a few minor adjustments.

COVID has gifted a large portion of the workforce a new flexible workplace, so whilst that is a big win for many women in this time of their life, there is still a significant education journey to go on.

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