Asia HR market report and salary guide 2023

With digital transformation and innovation driving business growth across the region, organisations need to stay abreast of the latest HR trends and salary data to attract, retain and develop top talent.

Our report aims to provide HR professionals, business leaders and job seekers with valuable insights about the current state of the HR market in Asia. We have gathered data from various industries, job roles and levels of experience to create a comprehensive salary guide that reflects the latest market trends.

Areas covered in this report:

  • HR market insights in Southeast Asia and North Asia
  • HR salaries across Asia
  • HR market update in other regions (UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and US)

Some interesting trends include:

  • 64% of HR professionals are considering changing roles in the next year
  • 28% of HR professionals are considering relocation
  • 89% of organisations are concerned about employee retention

We invite you to download the complete report by filling in the form below, or for an in-depth discussion on any of the material in the report please contact one of our Frazer Jones consultants (North Asia and Southeast Asia) today.