Australia HR market report and salary guide 2023-2024

Last year we talked about the ‘The Great Disconnect’ in the context of hiring and salary expectations but also between employers demanding a return to the office and employees demanding flexibility. This year we have seen the “Great Reconnect”, as people are reminded that in-person engagement and collaboration are essential to a company’s corporate culture and team morale.

The information contained in our 2023-2024 report relates to the insights, market trends, and salaries of thousands of HR professionals across Australia.

Areas covered in this year’s report include:

  • Overview of the Australian HR market (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne)
  • Insights and findings into our 2023 HR survey
  • Australian HR salaries – broken down into specialist area, experience level, and location
  • Article on How AI is revolutionising HR: Preparing for the next phase of workplace evolution

We aim to provide our clients and candidates with insightful and relevant data with market insights to help organisations with their hiring and to ensure HR and professionals can make informed career decisions.

We invite you to download the complete report by filling in the form below, or for an in-depth discussion on any of the material in the report please contact one of our Frazer Jones consultants today.