Global HR Spotlight

March 24, 2020

Over the last decade, the world of work has seen significant change, none more so than the last six months. Technology’s gradual creep into the workspace has become a sprint, continuing faster than many of us would have believed possible. Without this invasion of technology and our ability to use it to manage increasingly complex work-based and social relationships, how would we have fared in 2020? Has HR ever seen a better time to drive the people agenda? When the heavy lifting of restructuring and the painful process of businesses having to downsize has slowed, surely this is the opportunity for HR to sit more comfortably with its “seat at the table.”

Every year, Frazer Jones surveys its senior global HR network asking questions about the current market and trends. For 2020 our report covers a variety of pressing issues in the HR arena, including the impact of COVID-19, with a range of interviews and articles from our Global HR network.

Frazer Jones is pleased to present our 2020 Global HR Spotlight Report.

Areas covered in this year’s reports include:
• Future of the Workforce
• The Importance of Employee Retention During a Pandemic
• WFH? Is it the New Normal?
• Embracing the Multi-Generational Workforce

We invite you to download the complete report by filling in the form, or for an in-depth discussion on any of the material in the report please contact one of our Frazer Jones consultants today.