Interview with Dominic Ralli: from traditional bank to fintech scale-up

Author Aseel Ibrahim
February 21, 2023

As part of her interview series with fintech leaders, our own Aseel Ibrahim sat down with Dominic Ralli – an experienced Talent Acquisition Lead within the financial services industry and former Head of Recruitment at BitMEX.

In his interview, Dominic describes his shift into fintech when he left the traditional working world behind to become the first Head of Recruiting for a crypto exchange.

He previously worked at a well-known investment bank and relocated with the company to Hong Kong. Fast forward a couple of years, he was ready for a change and wanted to try something different – so he joined BitMEX.

Watch the interview to find out how he transitioned into a more informal working environment and embraced a more autonomous workflow, plus his tips on how to make sure you’re signing up for the right fintech start-up for you.

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