Interview with Mariia Lytvyn: creating reward and benefit strategies for a global business

February 23, 2023

As part of our interview series, our own Sofia Wikho-Ng sat down with Mariia Lytvyn – Group Head of Reward at GFG Alliance, a family-owned collection of global businesses and investments.

Mariia is based in Dubai where she’s lived since relocating from London, supporting GFG Alliance’s businesses across the steel, product and energy sectors. In her interview, she tells us what the worlds of reward and benefits look like when different strategies are needed across different businesses.

How does Mariia focus on attracting and retaining employees in the face of new HR trends and global business needs? Tune into the interview below to hear how GFG Alliance is driven by market intelligence when it comes to comps, benefits, training and development, and performance-driven rewards.

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