What to do before “quick quitting” a job you hate?

Author Widlyn Pierre
November 22, 2022

It can feel like a professional “sin” to quit a job you just started, but if you find yourself hating your job, something’s wrong. 

When you’re unhappy at a new company, it’s hard to know if the problem is fixable. You’re still getting to know the people, the culture, the day-to-day realities of the role. It’s an overwhelming time that can cloud your judgment of what to do: cut your losses or give it a chance?

Sometimes acting on your feelings is the right thing to do; other times, it means you’re quickly making a decision you’ll regret. That’s why it’s good to go through some key steps before quitting a job you hate. 

Our very own Widlyn Pierre shared her top tips on what to do before rushing to the exit with Kerri Shannon from InHerSightread the full article here.

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