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I’ve been with our firm since 2010 in our New York office where I serve as an Associate Director delivering top-tier Human Resources talent up to the senior level to corporations of all types, with a concentration on financial, legal/professional services, and fin/tech firms. My diverse clients range from noted name brands to fast-moving startups in search of HR leaders and operators to build out their teams.

In a landscape where underdogs become industry leaders seemingly overnight, HR strategy and well planned operations have never been more integral in the health and prosperity of corporations. Even as HR increasingly adopts cutting edge technologies and a more data-driven approach, the people aspect of the field remains crucial. Professionals who can synthesize the two are its leading edge.

I’ve built my career on the values of integrity and trust which have naturally yielded very long term professional relationships; my candid and consultative approach encourages a dialogue where challenges and opportunities are uncovered. High emotional intelligence and an uncanny sense for the intangibles are my greatest assets. These coupled with my two decades of in-depth HR market knowledge provide the agile, industry-wide vantage point from which I launch customized search strategies for each client.  By serving as a seamless extension of your brand, I can quickly deliver the best talent to you.

My candidates find me equally effective and appreciate my pragmatic advice and honest yet nurturing counsel. I thrive on advising them throughout their careers while helping to assess and effectively leverage their key skillsets towards greater success.

In my personal life, I love to nerd out about literary classics, travel, cook, and style food. I blog about my recipes (just for fun, no book deals yet!), focusing on elegant yet achievable dishes for those busy HR weeknights. I’m also passionate about politics and social justice, staying active in my community through fundraising and volunteerism with children’s non-profits.

Lou Gretta

Lou Gretta

Chief Human Resources Officer

I met Samantha nearly ten years ago when I was looking to make my first career move to another employer. She took the time to get to know me, and while I ended up finding something outside of her support, we stayed in touch regularly over the years. Samantha would reach out to me from time to time just to check in on how things were going. Regardless of whether she had an opportunity in that moment, she stayed on top of my development and overall career satisfaction. And when an opportunity came up that she felt perfectly intersected with my trajectory, she reached out with "an opportunity she just couldn't resist talking to me about." It turned out she was right; the opportunity was a great next step for me in that moment. She worked closely with me to ensure my needs were met throughout the recruitment process, and that as I learned more, it continued to be the right next step for me. Ultimately, I took the offer and have been very happy with the move. I appreciate so much about Samantha's recruiting style: how close she stayed to the process, how hard she worked to ensure my needs were met, and her effort to always be honest with me, even when it wasn't in her best interest. Samantha is a master of the long game and a great partner. I would recommend her highly to those in her wheelhouse who are looking to make a career move, as well as organizations who are looking to identify strong senior talent in HR.