HR Horrors hosted by Clayton Utz

Event date/time: Thu, 21 October 2021 11:00 am - 11:45 am
Method: Zoom

The theme for this employment law seminar is HR Horrors, not only because it’s in October, the time of Halloween, but maybe also a reflection on how 2021 turned out. However, as we start to look ahead into next year we wanted to highlight some of the common employment law challenges HR have been facing and provide insights into recent employment law changes, cases and court decisions.

Cilla Robinson, Partner of Workplace Relations, Employment & Safety will be sharing the latest employment law updates covering the complex topics of vaccinations and return to the office. As an experienced employment lawyer with more than 20 years, Cilla has seen it all. Cilla will discuss some of the common pitfalls and tricky situations she sees HR professionals fall victim to and provide some cases studies to ensure you can avoid making the same mistakes and avoid these kinds of ‘HR Horrors’.

Headline Topics

• No jab, no job – to mandate vaccinations or not? An update on the current state of play
• Return to work post lockdown. Emerging trends of the new normal
• HR Horrors, common pitfalls HR professionals fall victim to


Cilla Robinson
Partner, Workplace Relations, Employment & Safety – Clayton Utz

Cilla Robinson is a Partner in the Workplace Relations, Employment, and Safety Group at Australia’s largest independent law firm, Clayton Utz. She is the go-to workplace lawyer for businesses involved in industrial unrest, transformation, disruption, takeovers, mergers, acquisitions, reconstructions, offshoring and outsourcing. 

Cilla has over 18 years’ experience advising and running litigation in all aspects of industrial relations and employment law, and has broad industry experience working with both Australian and international private companies and public sector clients.

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