Re-Shaping Work

Event date/time: Wed, 3 March 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Method: Zoom

Over the last 12 months, conversation focused on the rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis. That included the immediate challenges to health and safety challenges and how to continue business through remote working.

As we begin the new year and continue to navigate the changes that 2020 gifted us, focus has now shifted to the more complex challenges and issues that organisations now face from a legal and tax perspective.

Specialist Tax Lawyer, Amber Agustin will share the major implications of 2020 and the tax risks employers need to be aware of. Cilla Robinson, leading Workplace lawyer, will share the key HR issues arising from the shift to a more flexible workforce including key legislative updates.

Headline Topics

• Flexible working arrangements, associated risks and challenges
• Public health orders and returning from home to the (traditional) workplace
• Vaccinations and maintaining a COVID-19 free workplace
• Key Tax risks arising from ex-pat worker relocations
• Job keeper audits and claw-backs
• Related tax risks including superannuation, payroll tax, FBT, and PAYG


Joining us from Clayton Utz is Cilla Robinson, Partner, Workplace Relations, Employment & Safety along with Amber Agustin, Partner in the Tax Practice of Clayton Utz.

Cilla Robinson
Partner, Workplace Relations, Employment & Safety – Clayton Utz

Cilla Robinson is a Partner in the Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety Group at Australia’s largest independent law firm, Clayton Utz. She has over 18 years’ experience advising and running litigation in all aspects of industrial relations and employment law. Cilla has broad industry experience and works with both Australian and international private companies and public sector clients. 

Cilla co-chairs Clayton Utz’s Gender Diversity Committee and is active in the broader diversity debate in Australia in relation to both gender and cultural diversity.

Amber Agustin
Partner, Tax – Clayton Utz

Amber Agustin is a Partner in the Tax Practice of Clayton Utz, specialising in preventing, managing and resolving contentious tax matters. Amber is one of the few tax disputes lawyers with a breadth of experience in the litigation, commercial law, evidential, procedural, regulatory and administrative contexts of the tax system. This allows her to see tax disputes in their broader framework and develop resolution strategies that may not be visible from a narrower perspective. In addition to Amber’s extensive experience in tax disputes and regulatory engagement with the ATO (and the state regulators), Amber has a particular focus on advising on employment and remuneration taxes and the superannuation guarantee.

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