Authenticity & Trans-inclusivity: Bringing Your Whole Self To Work

June 24, 2021

A conversation with Vanessa Sheridan 

In a time when ‘inclusivity’ and ‘authenticity’ are the buzzwords at the forefront of every DEI strategy, and June comes to an end – a month dedicated to celebrating Pride – it is key that our commitment to LGBTQIA+ inclusivity across the workplace must not stop on June 30th. Keep in mind that there are eleven other months of the year during which Pride deserves to be recognized, affirmed, celebrated and made visible throughout our organizations.

While businesses across many parts of the globe have been educated and have opened their arms to the lesbian and gay community, and companies seem to be getting their heads around the bisexual community to some degree, there is still much to be done regarding the inclusion of the transgender community in businesses, whether in the U.S. or internationally. 

Vanessa Sheridan has been a pioneer in educating organizations across the United States, helping them become prepared and equipped to be trans-inclusive. A distinguished author and a leading expert on gender authenticity and transgender in the workplace, Vanessa has been providing world-class transgender business services to organizations since 1991. Our team at Frazer Jones were privileged to sit down with Vanessa over Zoom and talk with her about what trans-inclusivity looks like in a workplace environment, as well as what that means in the wider perspective of ‘bringing your whole self to work’. 

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