Mental Health Awareness Week

May 22, 2019

With Mental Health Awareness week well underway, it is rare that people across the UK aren’t seeing their newsfeeds full of the amazing activities and initiatives that businesses and individuals are putting into place to help raise awareness. And that in itself is a great success!

Here at Frazer Jones we are no different and we are embracing the opportunity for people to share their experiences and stories. This week we have a dedicated calendar for all of our UK staff which include wellbeing walks, panel talks, mindfulness sessions, exercise and massages to help encourage each other to be more open, to work with a clearer head and to feel good. We come away from the stresses of everyday life for an hour at a time and take that time to reconnect and talk to each other and offer support.

As a business, we encourage all of our global staff to do this, not just in this week but every week, 365 days a year. We have an amazing team of people who really champion this attitude within our workplace and continue to share their own initiatives and stories as part of our social purpose agenda.

Darren Wentworth, Global Partner for Frazer Jones, says, “It’s great that as a business we are confident talking about our experiences, and in many cases to share very personal journeys that allow others to feel confident to share.  I’m very proud of all my team at Frazer Jones and everyone here in The SR Group”.

What are you doing within your business to keep the conversation going? It is ok not to be ok after all.