Global HR leaders interview: Felicia Squire on the fundamentals of the employee lifecycle within a business’ culture  

December 12, 2023

We were delighted to be joined by Felicia Squire, People Director at WildBrain, to talk with our own Aseel Ibrahim about the importance of employee experience, employee purpose and challenges. 

In this insightful conversation we speak about: 

  • The business imperative of employee experience, purpose and journey 
  • Adapting to the hybrid work models 
  • The role of data in fostering trust 

You can watch the full interview or read Felicia’s thoughts below. 

Thank you to Felicia for her insights. 

Employee experience in every business culture 

Employee experience is not just a passing trend but a vital business imperative. Every business can demonstrate the concrete benefits of a positive employee experience, including increased productivity, reduced turnover rates, and higher client satisfaction. HR professionals can embed the value of employee experience into the organisation’s DNA and culture.  

To avoid employee experience being treated as a buzzword, it is crucial to integrate it into every stage of the whole lifecycle of the employee journey. This can translate into putting employee experience at the forefront, from recruitment and onboarding to ongoing development and offboarding. By doing so, HR professionals can foster a healthy approach that ensures employees feel valued and supported throughout their time with the company. 

Adapting to the hybrid work models 

Post Covid, the workplace has changed. Managers were not given the skills to support employees in a hybrid environment. Being better versed now, it’s imperative for businesses to equip their teams with knowledge and necessary tools. Collaboration and communication are important to ensure your culture is felt. This can help onboarding but is also crucial throughout the employee experience and their journey within the business. Continuous learning is another factor that can contribute to employee wellbeing and experience. Businesses thrive when they train managers to align with the values of the culture and create an inclusive environment.  

The role of data and fostering trust 

Data is crucial to showcase the return on investment associated with employee experience. This helps secure support and resources for ongoing employee experience efforts. Trust is fostered by employees and employers on both sides, and is a critical factor in fostering employee engagement. Actively engaging employees and ensuring their voices are heard can help a firm to flourish. By creating a culture of trust, businesses can empower employees to contribute their ideas, concerns and feedback. This open communication fosters a sense of ownership and involvement, further enhancing employee engagement and experience. Adapting your data to the business can, further on, create an inclusive thriving workforce.  

Felicia is the People Director for WildBrain. Felicia acts as a strategic business partner dealing with all things people.  With a passion for employee wellbeing, she coaches leaders and managers on building a collaborative culture focused on wellbeing and employee experience. 

Aseel Ibrahim is an expert at connecting HR professionals and exciting businesses in HR, gaining a unique insight into the world of work for HR leaders and professionals. To speak to her or one of the team about the HR market, recruitment or your next career move please get in touch using the form below. 

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