How to avoid problems when implementing payroll for new market entries and acquisitions

February 23, 2017

As is often the case with new market entry and acquisitions, the commercial side of the business tends to dictate the timelines for new country implementations with little if any engagement with the functions responsible for onboarding new employees, running payroll, setting up bank accounts and disbursing cash.  Perhaps understandable given the need to capitalise on a gap in the market or move on a new opportunity but from a payroll perspective problematic as aggressive or unrealistic timelines can present a number of additional and often unnecessary challenges.  However compelling your argument regarding the ideal lead time for a payroll implementation, it’s unlikely to delay a go-live date if supported by a strong, commercial led business case. Given the inevitable headaches presents, the purpose of this piece is to share a few tips which will help maximize the time available, mitigate potential challenges and ultimately enable you to successfully implement payroll to support a new venture.  The project team

 Planning & timelines

 Payroll providers

 Getting up to speed with local legislation

 Bank accounts & payment disbursements

 Onboarding new employees

Going-live & stabilisation