Webinar recording: Vicarious trauma when interacting with colleagues in crisis.

Author Angela Franks
May 23, 2024

We are delighted to share our recap for the webinar “Vicarious trauma when interacting with colleagues in crisis – What HR needs to know!”

Recent changes to WHS/OHS regulations mean that organisations have an obligation to manage and control psychosocial hazards and risks. These new regulations recognise that hazards that pose a risk to psychological health and safety (psychosocial hazards) are just as harmful to workers as physical hazards are. They will also provide clearer guidance to employers on their obligations to better protect workers from mental illness and injury.

But who looks after the people who look after your people?

On Wednesday 22 May, Angela Franks, Partner Frazer Jones Australia hosted our webinar “Vicarious trauma when interacting with colleagues in crisis – What HR needs to know!”. Our guest speaker Cutty Felton – Founder of Accidental Counsellor, CEO and Presenter, talked us through the four key skills of managing and controlling psychosocial hazards and risks; and covered why the lack of appropriate training and skill development inadvertently creates exposure.

Based on the Recognise, Respond, Refer model, Cutty explains how, as an HR professional you should respond to someone in crisis or vulnerable circumstance. She explains that it should be in a way that is appropriate, empathic, and respectful (whilst being within strictly defined boundaries).

The session then looked at how we can manage difficult conversations through the lens of Work Health and Safety, and provide skills and knowledge to assist HR professionals in reducing the impact of psychosocial risks, including vicarious stress and trauma.

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