My #FrazerJonesJourney – Charlotte Grimmett

Author Charlotte Grimmett
July 23, 2022

From wine trade to recruitment

After graduating from university, my career started in the wine industry. It turned out to be an industry that I remained in for eight years. Part of the job involved learning and development, training customers on wine varieties and selling. This awoke a passion in me. I completed my CIPD level five in HR and business management. Then, I ventured out to Australia to put my sales, learning and development and HR knowledge together. I joined the Frazer Jones Sydney office in 2017. 

‘Learning and development, training customers and selling awoke a passion in me.’

A solid reputation and space for creativity

I started as a Recruitment Consultant in Sydney, then climbed the ladder to Senior Consultant. Today, I work as an Associate Director in our London office. I am proud to help build HR teams for all our businesses in London. Before joining, I knew that Frazer Jones had a great reputation. They were well known by HR professionals for their expertise, so I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. In my team, we are all collaborative and have a laugh. We have an adult approach and can be autonomous – as long as you are doing what you should be doing. This is by generating placements and activity. We are free to go about it in our way, which leaves space for creativity which is not only KPI driven. 

‘We are free to go about it in our way, which leaves space for creativity.’

Relocating and market opportunities 

Frazer Jones is a great place to work. There are growth and relocation opportunities and you get to work with good people, for a fantastic culture. This culture resonates across the international offices. Working in both Sydney and London taught me various recruiting methods. On the one hand, the Australian market is smaller meaning it is relationship driven. The roles you work for are exclusive, so you have to build relationships. On the other hand, the United Kingdom is bigger and faster pace. There is more demand for recruiters and the market is competitive.

‘You get to work with good people, for a fantastic culture.’

A piece of advice 

The best thing is to have strong relationships with candidates and interact with people. Filling roles isn’t easy and Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have to be patient and tenacious. Once you get the balance right you can accomplish great things. The HR profession has its seat at the table and is in demand. You can expand your career, particularly within professional services and eventually become an HR Business Partner.

‘You have to be patient and tenacious.’

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