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September 19, 2023

HR plays a vital role in every thriving business. Not only does it reinforce growth, but it is what develops culture, management and employees. Employees are a company’s most important asset and HR is the intermediary between a business and their many departments. It builds trust across the board for the employee and employer all whilst creating mutual benefits. 

HR is no longer seen as a bystander or support system. It is the key to a business’s success. Within HR lies a multitude of areas and specialisms, which is fulfilling but at times challenging to navigate. So, we have compiled our top HR resources to make the journey easier for you. 

Dive into our recommended books, podcasts, courses, events, newsletters and blogs and master the world of HR today. 

Top HR books 

Whether you are an HR leader, an aspiring HR professional or just curious, reading about HR will enable you to develop a fresh perspective on the workplace. The books range from practical advice and testimonials to theoretical practices so you can become a seasoned HR professional. 

  1. HR on Purpose: Developing Deliberate People Passion (2017) 
    Author: Steve Browne 
    Steve shares real-life stories by HR professionals and how to rekindle your passion for the world of HR. He pushes past the boundaries of HR seen as a passive bystander by highlighting what makes people motivated within their workplace. 
  1. Victory Through Organization: Why the War for Talent is Failing Your Company and What You Can Do About It (2018) 
    Authors: Dave Ulrich (Author), David Kryscynski (Author), Wayne Brockbank (Author), Mike Ulrich (Author) 
    The authors leverage learnings from empirical studies to create a handbook for every business leader who wishes to champion their team.  
  1. It’s Not About the Mangos: Organizational Success Means Putting People First (2022) 
    Author: Kent Coleman 
    Coleman delivers advice to all entrepreneurs or business owners who do not want to live with regrets or mistakes. The author has lived many frustrations that entrepreneurs have made so that you can save your time and money. Although this is a book targeted at entrepreneurs, Kent shares ways of transforming company culture to change lives and to boost success.   

Top HR podcasts 

Tuning into a podcast whilst on your busy commute, relaxing on the weekend or multitasking is a great way to learn when you can’t pick up a book. It helps people escape from reality and brings moments of stillness and relaxation. There are many HR podcasts out there to keep you informed, entertained and thriving as a HR professional. 

  1. HR Happy Hour 
    Hosts: Steve Boese and Trish Steed 
    This is the longest-running HR podcast which tackles HR innovation, workforce technology, leadership and more.  
  1. DriveThruHR 
    Hosts: Michael VanDervort, Robin Schooling and Dwane Lay 
    A captivating easy-to-digest podcast that covers a variety of topics across HR technology recruiting, talent management, organisational culture and strategic HR.  
  1. my HR future 
    Host: David Green 
    David Green speaks to a range of senior HR leaders who are pushing for a digital HR agenda which is also data-driven. Get behind the minds of those looking to innovate and change traditional systems. 

Top HR events 

Whether they’re virtual or in-person, events are a great way to discover more about HR and mingle with like-minded professionals from across the globe. Add these key annual events to your calendar – don’t miss out on the learnings. 

  1. HR Technology Virtual Conference & Exposition  
    This annual event has over 55 hours of virtual sessions around HR practices, trends and technology. 
    When: 27-28 February 2024 
    Where: Online. 
    Cost: free. 
  1. CIPD events 
    Calling all HR leaders – connect and learn with experts by attending conferences, workshops and exhibitions across the UK. 
    When: Throughout the year. 
    Where: London. 
    Cost: Pricing information not yet available. 
  1. HR Festival Europe 
    Gain inspiration on new products, creative solutions and resources in this exciting festival. Discover presentations, workshops and connect with HR professionals across the world. 
    When: March 2024 
    Where: Zurich. 
    Cost: free. 

Top online HR courses 

Who says learning has to cost a fortune? There are many online courses available so that you can upskill from the comfort of your home. Use these courses to polish your knowledge and become an HR leader. 

  1. Oxford Home Study
    Learn without spending a penny and enhance your CV. If you would like a certificate upon completion, it will cost a small fee however all of these resources are completely cost-free. 
  1. Future Learn 
    Expand on your skill set or start your career in HR thanks to these online resources.  
  1. ICS Learn 
    Get CIPD qualified online and advance your career in HR from £64/month interest-free. 

Top HR blogs  

Flood your mind with nourishing content. Learn from the best industry experts with career advice, innovative trends and subscribe to the newsletters that they offer. Gone are the days of doom scrolling – let the best information be delivered to you. 

  1. Workology 
    Packed with trends, tools and case studies for workplace leaders and HR recruiting professionals. 
  1. HRZone 
    Discover what industry experts have to say about the ever-changing world of HR. 
  1. Limeade 
    Learn about the science of workplace culture and strategies to promote employee well-being because your employees are the heart of your business. 

Top places for HR career growth 

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