My #FrazerJonesJourney – Aseel Ibrahim

Author Aseel Ibrahim
December 6, 2022

Finding the right person for the right role

I’ve worked in HR recruitment since 2017 where I first worked at a corporate business, then a boutique where I managed a team of four. But before that, I worked as a senior operations manager in luxury retail. One of my favourite parts of the job was recruitment and performance management, so I self-funded my CIPD qualification.

“The magic happens when you find the right person for the right job.”

As a store manager, I felt the impact when people weren’t right for their role. The magic happens when you find the right person for the right job. When we did, the store performed well because employees were happy to be at work. If you learn what to look for, what to ask and how to recruit properly, you find out what motivates people and what makes them tick. This is the key to an exceptional customer experience.

“I love to promote content close to my heart.”

I’m a huge advocate of personal branding and love to promote content close to my heart, such as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and wellbeing, to help the industry overcome shared challenges – such as HR burnout.

Communicating with movers and shakers across our markets helps me become a more rounded expert that can truly understand my clients’ and candidates’ needs.

The quiet revolution happening in fintech and banking

In my last role, I naturally gravitated towards technology and fintech – where very exciting things are happening. London is one of the top cities in the world for business, providing an ideal location for start-ups and young businesses.

“We are part of a movement that is directly benefiting the consumer.”

There is a quiet revolution happening in banking: the biggest thing to happen in this space and to change the customer experience was the ATM machine. Nothing has disrupted the market since then. Open banking – including the removal of third parties during payments – will be the next big thing. Since we entered this recruitment market, we’ve become part of a movement that is directly benefiting the consumer.

Abigail and I are building out our fintech, open banking and payment offering at Frazer Jones. I love working with her – she’s passionate, energetic and confident. You can read her #FrazerJonesJourney here.

Quality over quantity at Frazer Jones

The people that work at Frazer Jones are at the top of their game in HR recruitment. I wouldn’t have moved anywhere but here. There’s no formula to success – it’s not about quantity but quality of work and Frazer Jones recognises this. Business leaders here have all operated at a senior recruitment level and give the floor freedom to run their desk in a way that suits them.

“A good recruiter knows how to spot the candidates their client will love.”

The best thing about my role is winning new business – there’s no greater buzz. If clients can trust their recruitment experts, they’ll ask advice not just around salaries but on team structures and success planning. A good recruiter knows how to spot the candidate their client will love.

How to get ahead in recruitment

If you’ve had a career in retail before recruitment, you might be like me – you’re a people person. You can have any career before recruitment and you’ll love it if you have empathy, commercial awareness and a passion for people.

Get in touch with Aseel today at if you’d like to talk more about our fintech offering.

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