Benchmarking your talent against competitors: Key strategies and benefits

Author Lara Levin
June 19, 2024
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Benchmarking your talent is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. By systematically comparing your key employees with those of rival firms, you can identify strengths, address weaknesses and develop strategic initiatives to enhance overall performance.

Here, we explore the importance of benchmarking from four perspectives: skill and competency analysis, career and tenure, performance metrics, compensation and benefits.

Skill and competency analysis

Benchmarking skills and competencies helps identify the capabilities that top performers in your industry possess.

This understanding allows you to tailor recruitment strategies and training programs to develop those critical skills within your organization.

By adopting this approach, you can ensure your workforce has the cutting-edge skills that are vital for maintaining a competitive edge.

Career paths and tenure

Understanding the experience and tenure of employees provides insights into industry standards for retention career progression and development.

Studying the typical career paths and progression rates of key employees at competitor organizations offers vital data points. With these insights you can reshape and redefine your talent retention strategies and succession planning.

Performance metrics

Comparing performance metrics helps determine how your key employees measure up against industry standards. If you combine this with the talent to value approach – targeting the key value creating roles – relative to others in the industry.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your talent pool will enable you to focus on performance improvement. Doing so will help drive strategic enhancements in operations and outcomes while simultaneously leveraging key strengths over your competitors.

Compensation and benefits

Benchmarking compensation and benefits data is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Understanding how your compensation packages align with other businesses will allow you to make informed decisions to attract and retain talent.

Salary benchmarks for highly skilled roles move quickly, and traditional salary survey driven benchmarking data is typically obsolete after one year. We can support you with building a picture of the market as it is today.


Benchmarking your key employees against your competitors is imperative.

By focusing on these four areas, you can develop a comprehensive understanding of where your organization stands and what improvements are needed.

This proactive approach not only helps in retaining top talent but also ensures your workforce is equipped with the skills and motivation needed to drive organizational success in the future.

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