Global HR leaders interview: navigating HR in a new landscape

November 2, 2023

In today’s ever-changing workplace, HR plays a pivotal role. Expectations of HR professionals have expanded beyond the traditional realms and, as a result, they must now wear many hats. Whilst this has elevated the role of HR in business, navigating this new landscape can be a challenge.

In the latest of our Global HR leaders interviews, Abigail Benham and Aseel Ibrahim discuss these challenges with Felicia Squire, People Director at WildBrain and Ian Marchant, HR Director at Finastra.

Watch the full video here:

About Felicia Squire

Felicia is the People Director for WildBrain. Felicia acts as a strategic business partner dealing with all things people.  With a passion for employee wellbeing, she coaches leaders and managers on building a collaborative culture focused on wellbeing and employee experience.

About Ian Marchant

Ian is the HR Director of Finastra. He is passionate about maximising productivity and fostering a positive workplace culture. With a business background including sales management, team leadership, and customer relationship management, he is contributing to Finastra’s mission to become the leading open platform for financial services.

Abigail and Aseel are experts at connecting HR professionals and exciting businesses in HR, gaining a unique insight into the world of work for HR leaders and professionals. To speak to them or one of the team about the HR market, recruitment or your next career move please get in touch using the form below.

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