Interview with Peter Zorn: how your people are your greatest asset for transformation and reinvention 

Author Dominique Seal
January 4, 2023

Our own Dominique Seal sat down with Peter Zorn, a respected expert and consultant in enterprise transformation and global workforce reinvention, to find out more about his career, expertise and his predictions for the UK’s financial services industry.

Having lived and worked in an incredible 14 countries, Peter talks about his zigzag career across many functions in financial services – both in-house and banking – plus a variety of roles in professional services.

Peter explains how he shares lessons learned with clients and colleagues from across the globe to help tailor new ideas through his international perspective. He sees how the corporate world is now starting to value the importance of inclusion, flexibility and purpose, and believes people are the greatest asset to a business’s success.

Watch the full interview below to hear more about Peter’s experience in culture transformation, the industry’s core challenges and how businesses can overcome these to engage their workforce and embrace the new working world.

If you’re interested in meeting Peter, you can register your interest for our virtual and interactive roundtable taking place on 9 February 2023.

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