Interview with Tracey Wood: how to transition from a big brand to a fintech start-up

Author Aseel Ibrahim
January 13, 2023

Our own Aseel Ibrahim sat down with Tracey Wood, former Director of Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand at Yapily, to learn about her career journey and experience working at a fintech start-up within an emerging open-banking market.

Tracey has an incredible level of experience, having worked for 15 years within HR talent acquisition management for household names such as Sky, Amazon and Comparethemarket.

In her interview, she gives her insights on building new hiring processes, people programmes and a sense of community. She also reveals her methods for interviewing candidates and how she trained her colleagues to identify top talent based on personality and potential.

Watch the full interview below to hear more about Tracey’s experience at Yapily, challenges and opportunities across fintech, and how businesses can retain and develop their staff for a stronger workforce.

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