Candidate experience and employer branding

Candidate experience and employer branding

Katie Barks Market Insight

Employee retention and recruitment are clearly interlinked: what  makes an organisation attractive to existing staff will also appeal to new recruits. When it comes to pipelining/sourcing current and future talent (a strong priority within their talent agenda for 57% of participants), increasing thought is being given to improving candidate experience. Exactly half of our respondents are strongly addressing making the recruitment process quicker and easier with just over a quarter (27%) strongly focusing on digitising the assessment process – a trend that is likely to gain momentum according to industry forecasts.

This is important not only to win talent, but to protect the organisation’s reputation: 92% of survey respondents believe that candidate experience impacts on their organisation’s brand.

Since 50% of participants are strongly investing in/enhancing communication of employer brand, which is acknowledged to be a vital tool in attracting and retaining talent, it is important to ensure that poor recruitment experiences do not lead to negative perceptions of the organisation, causing reputational damage. Overall, almost half (48%) of respondents expect a strong focus on candidates and employee experience (applicants and staff as ‘consumers’) to be a prevailing trend over the 
coming year.