HR recruitment in fintech: a network to collaborate in a safe space

September 27, 2023

We hear time and time again that HR professionals want to connect and collaborate in a safe space. This is particularly true for those standalone roles, which can be the loneliest.

Abigail Benham and Aseel Ibrahim recruit HR professionals across fintech, boutique financial services and tech start-ups. They host regular successful roundtables, forming an HR consultants network of professionals who can discuss their challenges in a confidential setting.

In their latest video, Abigail and Aseel discuss the benefits of their roundtables – welcoming professionals that range from talent acquisition specialists and HR Business Partners to Heads of People.

Regardless of their area of expertise or seniority, the network can ask honest questions and be vulnerable in front of each other – even forming long-lasting friendships.

Watch the full video below:

Other videos in the HR recruitment in fintech series include the evolution of HR and finding the perfect HR partnership.

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