My #FrazerJonesJourney – Ella Tasker

Autor Ella Tasker
Januar 9, 2023

My career began when I left the University of Brighton with a marketing degree and accepted a temporary role at American Express. I was navigating the marketing world but had also considered moving into recruitment.  

“You’d know within the first six months whether you like it or not.”

I decided to change careers after socialising with a group of recruiters who said, “you’d know within the first six months whether you like it or not”. 17 years down the line, I’m still here!

Embracing my recruitment style

I’ve always embraced my own recruitment style. It’s important to challenge yourself and make sure your environment is right for you. Early in my career, I told my Director I feared I wasn’t “salesy” enough for recruitment. He told me it’s more important to be genuine and have authentic conversations with candidates and clients. This gave me the confidence to embrace my own recruitment approach by managing their expectations with honesty and integrity.

Exploring new territories

My journey started at Frazer Jones after my maternity leave while I was considering taking a career break to focus on family. I wanted a less demanding 9 to 5 role where I could switch off in the evenings.

After having my first daughter, my initial interviews with other businesses didn’t feel right. They lacked support towards those with a family and had an aggressive approach – the opposite of me.

One of my best friends, Amy Eldred, then recommended Frazer Jones. She said I’d find them different from most recruitment agencies – and she was right. No one seemed to be selling to me. They were natural, sincere and on my wavelength.

“No one was looking to mould me into something I’m not.”

I felt I fitted into their culture and no one was looking to mould me into something I’m not. I’ve also never worked for a business with so many experienced recruiters and we learn from each other every day.

Working in HR

Having worked within accountancy and finance recruitment, I changed specialisms when joining Frazer Jones. The transition to HR felt right as I’m a people’s person – working in HR is communicating with similar people who are real and relatable.

“Working in HR is communicating with real and relatable people.”

I help businesses recruit senior HR professionals across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and areas of Surrey. I’m proud to independently represent these regions for Frazer Jones, promoting our specialist services for clients and candidates outside of London. It helps that I’ve worked in Sussex for 17 years and have a deep understanding of the market.

Human connection is the main factor

When you’ve worked in recruitment for a long time, the most gratifying element is the human connections you form while finding the right person for your client’s business. It’s rewarding to know that you’ve contributed to something so important. As recruiters we sometimes have to deliver disappointing news to candidates, but we truly care about them and supporting their career.

I also love working with my team who covers the UK’s Southern Home Counties, Southwest, Midlands and Northwest. Although we don’t get to see each other every day, we always support each other – especially when it comes to our families.

“There’s a sense of community at Frazer Jones as many of us have families.”

I have two children, so my work and home life are both important to me. There’s a sense of community at Frazer Jones as many of us have families – so if we need to leave our desk for an hour to watch their school play, we know we can.

Be yourself

If you’re new to recruitment, you’ll succeed if you’re authentic, consultative and listen to what people really want. It is not about morphing yourself. You can take an individual stance and bring your whole self to work. If your approach doesn’t suit your style, it doesn’t work.

“To embrace your style, you first need to find it.”

Remember that you’re working with individuals that aren’t looking for a robotic approach. They want to feel special and receive a thought-out, tailored service.

But to embrace your style, you first need to find it. Tune into your personality but learn from experience how to manage people’s expectations. Avoid saying what you think they want to hear – be honest.

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