UK HR salary guide financial and professional services 2020-2021

We have released our newest Salary Guide amidst one of the most challenging times businesses have ever encountered. Although COVID-19 has brought many trials to firms worldwide, some of the key benefits that have emerged include the acceleration of tech involved in remote working, a more robust and resilient workforce, and a high degree of awareness and empathy to those suffering from poor mental health.  
Did you know the question of “will the opportunity to work flexibly and remotely be possible?” is no longer considered taboo? Clients have never had so much choice with regards to talent, particularly with the broken-down barriers of geographical challenge and childcare restraints. On the other hand, candidates have been even more acutely aware of prospective employers’ culture, wanting to ensure both financial and emotional welfare are catered to.  
While many businesses saw profits slashed, salaries for their HR employees have remained consistently high, mirroring previous years and showcasing the need for a strategic People Function. Demand for Change and Transformation Consultants spiked as firms decided to change their structure and values statements, and utilisation of Reward practitioners remained unequivocally high. Organisations are recognising the need for commercial HR representation to succinctly deliver complex and challenging messages to all levels of stakeholders’ seniority, resulting in increased total compensation for HR Business Partners.
Please download this Salary Guide to receive a deep-dive view into how compensation ranges have evolved for HR employees in all specialisms at all levels in Financial and Professional Services.


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